The Open Source Forearm Muscle-Based Finger Tracking Device (Somatosensor)

Inexpensive Construction

The most expensive component is currently the battery for Open Muscle. If purchased in bulk the components can cost less than $20 per bracelet. We provide all of the Gerber and STL files for free on our github but encourage others to modify and improve our design and produce them to their hearts content.

High Signal to Noise Ratio

The hall effect sensor and magnet pairs provide a clear high signal to noise ratio. The electromechanical nature of the design filters out certain frequencies mechanically while amplifying others. Again, it is our hope that with an increased training data size that a lot of the problems would be minimized.

Scalable Cell Components

One of the more difficult problems with prosthetic sensors is the sensor placement. Our Open Muscle band is made in cell components that can be arranged in an array of configurations. The primary bracelet configuration is intended to solve the placement problem by increasing the sensor density and increasing the training dataset.

Why Open Source?

Our mission is to increase the availability of machine learning training data, increase the availability of prosthetic software and knowledge base, and decrease the cost of prosthetics.

Talk to us

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Mission Statement:

Our mission is to explore, create, and advocate for open-source and open-hardware solutions in the biotech sector, concentrating on prosthetic sensor technologies, in order to increase accessibility and enrich the lives of people with disabilities.